Exploring the Beauty and History of Lake County, TN

Overhead view of Lake County, Tennessee.

Nestled in the northwestern corner of Tennessee lies a gem of natural beauty and historical significance: Lake County, TN. Boasting scenic landscapes, intriguing history, and tight-knit communities, this locale offers both residents and visitors an authentic taste of the Volunteer State.

A Glimpse into the Geography

  • Location: Lake County, TN is bordered by the Mississippi River to the west and the beautiful Reelfoot Lake to the northeast.
  • Size: The county spans a total area of about 194 square miles, of which nearly 50 square miles is water.
  • Climate: Characterized by hot summers and mild winters, Lake County, TN experiences a humid subtropical climate, making it ideal for various outdoor activities.

Historical Significance

One cannot delve into Lake County, TN without acknowledging its rich history:

  • Formation: Lake County, TN was established in 1870, carved out of the western part of Obion County.
  • Reelfoot Lake Origin: A unique feature of Lake County, TN is Reelfoot Lake. This lake was formed by the New Madrid earthquakes in 1811-1812. The tremors caused the Mississippi River to flow backward temporarily, flooding and creating this beautiful body of water.
  • Civil War Legacy: Lake County, TN has its roots in the Civil War. The Battle of Island Number Ten, a significant naval engagement, took place in the nearby Mississippi River.

Modern-day Attractions

Lake County, TN, situated in the scenic state of Tennessee, offers not only a rich historical backdrop but also a plethora of modern-day activities and attractions that cater to both residents and visitors alike. Let’s delve into the contemporary attractions that make Lake County, TN a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, and those seeking a tranquil getaway.

Reelfoot Lake State Park

Reelfoot Lake State Park stands as a natural wonder in Lake County, TN, boasting a diverse range of activities for visitors to indulge in. Whether you’re a birdwatcher, angler, or simply seeking a serene escape into nature, this park has something for everyone.

Here are the key highlights of Reelfoot Lake State Park:

BoatingExplore the scenic beauty of Reelfoot Lake by renting a boat or bringing your own.
FishingReelfoot Lake is renowned for its excellent fishing opportunities, with species like crappie, bass, and catfish to be found.
Bird WatchingWitness the breathtaking annual migration of American bald eagles during the winter months.
Hiking TrailsEnjoy the park’s network of well-maintained hiking trails, allowing you to explore the natural beauty at your own pace.
PicnickingPack a picnic and unwind in the park’s designated picnic areas while taking in the splendid views.

Blue Basin Cove Lodge

If you’re seeking accommodation with a stunning view of Reelfoot Lake and modern amenities, the Blue Basin Cove Lodge is your ideal choice. This cozy lodge offers a tranquil retreat for guests to relax and rejuvenate while taking in the breathtaking surroundings of Lake County, TN.

Key features of Blue Basin Cove Lodge:

  • Picturesque Views: Wake up to panoramic views of Reelfoot Lake, creating a serene atmosphere throughout your stay.
  • Modern Amenities: The lodge is equipped with all the modern amenities you need for a comfortable stay, including Wi-Fi, a fully-equipped kitchen, and cozy living spaces.
  • Outdoor Activities: Guests can engage in outdoor activities such as fishing, birdwatching, and hiking right from the lodge’s doorstep.
  • Privacy: Enjoy a private and peaceful retreat, perfect for romantic getaways or family vacations.

Local Festivals in Lake County, TN

Lake County, TN is not only about natural beauty and modern accommodations; it also hosts a variety of local festivals and events throughout the year. These festivals offer a glimpse into the vibrant local culture and provide an opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the community.

Here are some noteworthy festivals in Lake County, TN:

  • Reelfoot Lake Eagle Festival: Held annually, this festival celebrates the majestic American bald eagles that migrate to Reelfoot Lake during the winter. It’s a fantastic opportunity for bird enthusiasts and photographers to witness these magnificent birds up close.
  • Arts and Crafts Festival: This festival showcases the artistic talents of local artisans. Visitors can browse and purchase unique handcrafted items, including jewelry, pottery, and artwork. It’s an excellent place to find souvenirs and support local artists.

Economic Insight

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Lake County, TN thrives on a blend of economic sectors:

  • Agriculture: As with many counties in Tennessee, agriculture plays a significant role. Cotton, soybeans, and corn are the primary crops.
  • Tourism: Thanks to its natural beauty and attractions, tourism is a growing industry, particularly around Reelfoot Lake.
  • Manufacturing: Various small-scale manufacturing units have found a home in Lake County, TN, contributing to its economic stability.


Lake County, TN, is a blend of natural allure and historical intrigue. From its origins to its current state, it’s clear why many choose to call this place home and why tourists frequently dot its scenic vistas. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or just someone looking to escape the hustle and bustle, Lake County, TN has something special to offer.


What is Lake County, TN best known for?

Lake County is best known for Reelfoot Lake, a natural wonder formed by the New Madrid earthquakes in the early 19th century.

Are there any special events in Lake County, TN?

Yes, Lake County hosts events like the Reelfoot Lake Eagle Festival, attracting tourists and nature lovers alike.

How can I explore the natural beauty of Lake County, TN?

Reelfoot Lake State Park is an excellent starting point. You can engage in activities like boating, fishing, or simply enjoying the serene landscapes.

Is Lake County, TN a good place for historical exploration?

Absolutely. The county’s association with the Civil War and the unique origin of Reelfoot Lake make it a hub for history enthusiasts.

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