Nashville: The Music Capital of Tennessee

In the United States in the southeastern region is the large settlement of Nashville, which is the metropolitan center of Tennessee. Nowadays it is a thriving city, which is sometimes called the “Father of country music”. Thanks to the emergence of this musical trend, Nashville is known all over the world. Are you into country music? At one of the local museums, you can learn in detail about its history, as well as see famous musicians. The city’s architectural treasure introduces visitors to the past life of the American region, mostly from the nineteenth century.

Nashville country music capital

The first settlers in Tennessee were the Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Shawnee tribes, who pursued the hunt. In the seventy-ninth year of the eighteenth century, Virginians founded a town on the vacant land, which was named for American General Nash. The advantageous geographical location contributed to the rapid development and growth of the newly formed settlement. Seven years after its founding, the city adopted its charter, and thirty-seven years later became the metropolitan center of Tennessee. Prior to the American Civil War, Nashville was a prosperous region and a major river port.

During the military battles in February of the sixty-second year of the nineteenth century, Nashville was captured by the North. Many things had to be rebuilt, almost all the structures were crushed and destroyed. All of the destruction was quickly repaired, all thanks to the fact that only the state of Tennessee had not established a military occupation administration. Then fate was favorable to this city, there were many beautiful buildings, representing a classical style of architecture, many of them have survived to this day. In the nineties, Nashville experienced its third economic boom, allowing city officials to “revitalize downtown.”

Is Nashville the music capital of the world?

Nashville’s most popular attraction is the Country Music Museum and Hall of Fame, which currently leads all other similar institutions in the United States in attendance. It was created to collect and preserve everything of value that is in any way related to country music and its history. When you visit the museum, you will be able to see unique exhibits representing the personal belongings of music stars. Also among the many collections you can see the instruments played by the great famous musicians, their sheet music, and the costumes worn during their performances.

Tourists from all over the world, who are avid lovers of country music, come here to see with their own eyes the real Cadillac, which was driven by the world-famous Elvis Presley. Besides that, there are also two cars from the past, one of them is a Pontiac Bonneville from the sixty-third year, once owned by Webb Pierce, the other can be seen in the famous movie “Smokey and the Bandit. Continued.”

The museum has a recording studio where anyone can demonstrate their vocal skills by singing karaoke, and there are daily master classes that teach how to create a beautiful poster.

Another attraction Nashville is justly proud of is the Capitol, which is located atop the highest hill in the central part of the city. The structure is Greek neoclassical architecture. At the top is a small chapel. On all four sides are porticoes, each with a style reminiscent of an Ionic temple. The construction of the urban landmark began in the forty-fifth year of the nineteenth century. Limestone quarried in one of the quarries around Nashville was used for its construction. Inside the Capitol is a museum with exhibits from ancient times.

Nashville music capital of the world

Wondering where to take your kids? Nashville is home to an amazing zoo that will transport you to the African plains, South American forests, and Asian fauna. The animals in the Nashville Zoo are diverse and come from every corner of the globe. Rare species include the smoky leopard, whose pelt is highly prized in black markets, the Baird’s tapir, a subspecies that is disappearing due to deforestation, the mottled toucans, and the beautiful Bengal tigers. The enclosures in which the animals live are all arranged according to their usual habitat.